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Re: Are we getting close to the time that JPP declares he's ready?
Source:  Big Blue Huddle -Forum Posts
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 21:57

jack8, I think u asked me how I felt bout Will Hill? from the get go I thought it was a mistake to cut him. He was an exceptual young Player that made a few mistakes. Hill wasn't involved in violent crime, weapons, or domestic abuse of any kind. He was...

Re: NGT - Redskins GM's Wife Makes Nasty Comment About ESPN Reporter
Source:  Big Blue Huddle -Forum Posts
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 21:55

That is awesome! Press loves to be scandalmongers and then acts "shocked" when someone lashes out against the 24/7 TMZ s**t they try to shove down our throats. Too bad she denied it. She would have been a hero to millions if she had come out and said, ...

Re: Josh Brown latest injury
Source:  Big Blue Huddle -Forum Posts
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 20:54

are there any current nfl kickers[even recent]  who handle all three aspects of the kicking game?  Kick offs, place kicking, and punts?  Obviously such a specialist - I ...

Re: Straight on kicker
Source:  Big Blue Huddle -Forum Posts
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 20:51

The bills have a kick off specialist that does not kick soccer style, interesting!

OH, My God!!!!  How can that be????   I still remember Summerall's straight on k...

Re: NFT - Lets go Mets
Source:  Big Blue Huddle -Forum Posts
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 20:47

You do realize I'm agreeing with you, right?

Of course I know we're in agreement, Ed.  I'm just just using the opportunity to spout off.

Giants News Tweets

Blue Screen Blog

There Damontre Moore was, playing on the gigantic bouncy slide in the field house at the Giants' Qwest Diagnostics practice facility.
The Giants will end training camp a different way this year.
The Giants continued their offseason roster tweaking Monday.

Inside Football News

Last week in practice, eyebrows were raised when punter Steve Weatherford did all the field goal kicking in practice. Today the move makes sense, as kicker Josh Brown suffered a bruised leg two weeks ago when he made a tackle in the third quarter of the Giants’ preseason game against Jacksonville. The 36-year-old Brown, who [...]
The New York Giants finally lifted the veil of secrecy off their first training camp roster moves, moves that brought their 90-man roster to 74, one fewer than the league-mandated 75. The majority of the moves that were made came as no surprise; still, let’s break down what was made and what it means. The Draft Woes Continue [...]
If you’re like me, you were hoping that the Giants would at least announce some of their first roster moves ahead of Tuesday’s 4PM ET deadline. Unfortunately, the Giants are waiting until the last-minute, and no, not because the decision is that hard but probably because they want to see who becomes available if they [...]

Star-Ledger Giants

Schefter brought his NFL expertise to Citi Field on Wednesday

Big Blue View

Both had been waived/injured. Running back Akeem Hunt and offensive lineman Brandon Mosley, both waived/injured on Tuesday by the New York Giants, went unclaimed on Wednesday. Thus, the two players revert to the Giants' injured reserve list. Both players could remain there all season and return again in 2016 to try again to make the Giants' roster. If, however, Mosley or Hunt gets healthy enough and wants to pursue an opportunity to play this season, the team and player could work out an injury settlement. That would usually be a small monetary amount, and the player would be released...
There was a lot to talk about this week in our latest podcast. The final 2015 preseason edition of the "Big Blue Chat" podcast with Pat Traina (Bleacher Report/Inside Football) and yours truly is now available. This week, we float an interesting theory about Markus Kuhn, the defensive tackle who has replaced David Diehl and Mathias Kiwanuka as the favorite whipping boy of New York Giants fans who need something or someone to complain about. What theory is that? It is that perhaps the Giants are giving Kuhn all of these first-team reps to showcase him, to allow him...
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